Ask Amy: Vaping dad places new baby at risk

Pricey Amy: Our grandson vapes. And he has a new child at house.

I spoke with him earlier than the infant was born and tried to encourage him to stop this horrible behavior for the infant’s sake. He goes outdoors to vape and then comes inside and cuddles with the child.

I really feel that chemical compounds and nicotine are in his hair and skin and on his clothes and that this is dangerous for the child, however I can’t discover any definitive answers about vaping usually.

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What do you assume, and what can I say to get him to give up this dangerous behavior?

— Nervous Gran

Pricey Gran: In contrast to cigarettes, that are a minimum of a uniform measurement, there is a super variety in vaping delivery methods and the products they use.

Individuals who vape ingest heated vapor from a pod crammed with liquid. As a result of this liquid is unregulated, the smoker doesn’t actually know what is in it. As an example, I’ve learn that formaldehyde is likely one of the chemical compounds used in some vaping merchandise.

Nicotine, the first hit in most vaping products, is certainly harmful to youngsters.

The American Academy of Pediatrics ( warns that any exposure to nicotine, together with secondhand exposure from vaping, poses a danger for youngsters.

Even when he smokes outdoors, your grandson may have nicotine traces on his palms, skin and clothing and in his hair. He ought to at the very least wash his palms completely (and change his shirt) earlier than cuddling together with his baby.

He’s doing the best factor in protecting his residence smoke-free (he also needs to not vape in his automotive). He should take special care to store his vaping products securely. Unintentional ingestion of concentrated nicotine and chemical-laced liquid from vaping pods is happening with growing frequency. Based on a 2016 research revealed by the AAP, youngsters exposed to e-cigarettes had larger odds of getting a severe end result than youngsters uncovered solely to tobacco cigarettes. One youngster’s dying has been reported in association with a nicotine liquid exposure.

Do not concentrate on making an attempt to pressure your grandson to give up this behavior — truthfully, whether he vapes is his own enterprise.

His instincts to protect his child from nicotine publicity in the house are constructive. Congratulate him for having good dad instincts, however urge him to take his efforts to the subsequent degree.

Pricey Amy: I have been courting my boyfriend for nearly 5 years. He is nice, however I really feel like he’s making an attempt to regulate me.

Once we met, I sometimes drank alcohol. Now, he doesn’t let me drink any alcohol and threatens to go away me if I do.

He says he cares about my well being, so I’m unsure if he’s truly controlling me or if he simply needs one of the best for me.

He has no dangerous history with alcohol; he just doesn’t prefer it. I don’t see a problem with consuming responsibly. Am I being controlled?

— Not sure

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