Helping students find their voice at Johnnie Carr


Dedicated to building the next generation of singers, the choral director at Johnnie Carr Middle School strives to help his students hit high notes both in the classroom and in life, and his name is Bryan Cutter.

Cutter loves what he does, so he has always held high standards for his kids, because they represent not only themselves, but their school and the art of music.

“When I was in school I really loved music, and I wanted to share my love of music with students,” said Cutter. “I like to view my students as choral ambassadors, because I believe that music can last them for a lifetime, and they can share the joy of music, the joy of song with others.”

Working in a middle school setting can be challenging, but Mr. Cutter feels it a critical time in a child’s life where he can help them find their voice.

“Middle school is that crucial point where they are changing… they are growing into young teenagers and I believe that in that age range they are hungry for the passion of knowledge. It’s challenging, it is, but just to know that hard work pays off and to see them smiling at the end, that’s the benefit to me that I really enjoy,” Cutter said.

After eight years full of long school days and extra hours of work, to know his students are absorbing what he teaches has pushed Mr. Cutter to keep going!

“I do it [teaching] not for accolades, not for recognition – I do it because I love music, and I love the kids. It feels good, you know to know I am just a small little music teacher, but to hear my students really enjoy it, that really does a lot to me and helps to motivate me and go further to keep pushing them,” said Cutter.

Congrats Mr. Cutter – you’re this week’s Class Act!

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