Bama Carry signing churches up for church safety seminar

(Source: WBRC video)(Source: WBRC video)


We’re getting new details about another chance for you to learn how to secure your church, but this isn’t coming from a local law enforcement agency.

Gun rights group Bama Carry is hosting a church safety meeting next month in Northport, but the sign up is happening now. 

They’re bringing in trained officials to help churches come up with a safety security plan. 

“Some might not be comfortable with having weapons in their worship center, some may be comfortable with having that. This will explore those options this seminar will talk about both ways,” said Eddie Fulmar Bama Carry’s President.

If you’re interested in attending the church safety seminar on February 27 at 7 p.m. at the Northport Civic Center, you can email Admission is free. 

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